Pour Your Heart Into It

“The story of Starbucks is not just a record of growth and success. It’s also about how a company can be built in a different way.  It’s about a company completely unlike the ones my father worked for.  It’s living proof that a company can lead with its heart and nurture its soul and still make money.  It shows that a company can provide long-term value for shareholders without sacrificing its core belief in treating its employees with respect and dignity, both because we have a team of leaders who believe its right and because it’s the best way to do business.” – excerpt from Pour Your Heart Into It

 Author Comments: After writing an article about Starbucks for Business Week in fall 1994, I approached Howard Schultz about writing a book together about the growth and success of Starbucks. We had an excellent collaboration, since Howard has big ideas and unique experiences. In addition to spending . . .

Reviews: As an instruction in plain English on how to build a billion-dollar retail specialty chain, it is hard to imagine a more satisfying brew than this memoir.--Publishers Weekly, July 7, 1997  (more . . .)

Honors: Bestseller Lists, Excerpts, and Translations: This book reached many bestseller lists and was translated into ten languages. The classic tale of the birth and early growth of an iconic American company, Pour Your Heart Into It is widely read in business schools and remains in print as a paperback more than ten years after its publication.

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