Reviews - Pour Your Heart Into It

As an instruction in plain English on how to build a billion-dollar retail specialty chain, it is hard to imagine a more satisfying brew than this memoir.
--Publishers Weekly, July 7, 1997

Watching the growing business struggle to maintain its spirited roots even at its current size is touching and, at times, inspiring.… Schultz is obviously motivated not only by the desire to achieve what his father didn’t, but also by the admirable goal of building a company that is everything his blue-collar father’s employers weren’t—grateful, responsible and loyal.
--Margaret Pressler, Washington Post, Sept. 14, 1997

Howard Schultz is the Bill Gates of coffee.
--USA Today, USA Weekend Sept 5-7, 1997

For better of worse, Starbucks transformed the coffee experience for millions of us. …In Pour Your Heart Into It, CEO Howard Schultz details his company’s rise from a small entrepreneurial shop with a lot of integrity and heart to a huge conglomerate with, well, a lot of integrity and heart…. By offering readers a detailed account of how Starbucks captured the psyche of its audience, Schultz reveals a purely American truism:  If you can capture the imagination of your audience, you have a winner.
-Kathy Balog, USA Today, Oct. 9, 1997

Schultz has a powerful passion not only for his company, which he came to manage in 1987 when it was a small retailer of coffee beans in Seattle, but also for the way his company treats employees.  Yang, who has worked for Business Week in New York, Hong Kong and Seattle, obviously brings knowledge and good story-telling skills to the collaboration.  That translates into a book with something to say, said in an interesting way.  … If you doubt the sincerity of this touchy-feely CEO who grew up in the projects in New York, consider that profits from the book are going to philanthropic causes through a newly formed Starbucks Foundation.
--Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Oct. 6, 1997

Love it or hate it, there’s no question that Starbucks is one of the great business stories of the past decade.  …. Schultz’s ardor can be surprisingly infectious.  This book gives a feel for the high-octane energy that has fueled Starbucks’ stupendous growth. …  This is the energy of a true believer.
--Jennifer Reese, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 20, 1997

Book Description: The story of Starbucks is not just a record of growth and success. It’s also about how a company can be built in a different way. It’s about a company completely unlike the ones my father worked for.It’s living proof that a company can lead with its heart and nurture its soul and still make money.

Author Comments: After writing an article about Starbucks for Business Week in fall 1994, I approached Howard Schultz about writing a book together about the growth and success of Starbucks. We had an excellent collaboration, since Howard has big ideas and unique experiences.

Honors: Bestseller Lists, Excerpts, and Translations: This book reached many bestseller lists and was translated into ten languages. The classic tale of the birth and early growth of an iconic American company, Pour Your Heart Into It is widely read in business schools and remains in print as a paperback more than ten years after its publication.