People whose stories are told

1.  Jiu-Fong Lo Chang: Ambassador’s daughter, historian, English teacher

2.  Kuei-sheng Chang: Teenaged soldier, UW geography professor

3.  Chen Shi-Han: Seafood seller’s grandson, UW genetics researcher

4.  Maria L. Koh: Nearly deported student, lifelong nutritionist

5.  George Koo: Americanized boy, business diplomat to China

6.  Peter C. Ku: The first Chinese immigrant to become a college chancellor in the State of Washington

7.  Sophia Ku: Street vendor’s daughter, senior U.S. government analyst

8.  Isabella Yen: Early graduate of Peking University, beloved UW Chinese language professor, and her husband Kao Shu-koo: Professor and mountaineer.

9.  Agnes Lee: Chemist, executive, art lover

10. Conrad Lee: Warlord’s nephew, elected Bellevue City Council member, Deputy Mayor

11. H.F. (Hsiung-Fei) Lee: Boeing engineer-turned-salesman

12. Shiang-Yu Lee: Airplane-crazy boy, aerospace engineer, computer expert

13. Winnie Lee: Pioneer woman engineer at Boeing, community leader

14. Winnie Y. Lee: Macau doctor’s daughter, medical technologist and instructor

15. Paul Bao-Ho Liao: Taiwan farm boy, CEO, entrepreneur, water treatment and aquaculture expert

16. Hua Lin: Tsinghua graduate, mentor of Chinese engineers at Boeing and Lillian Lin: Librarian and community elder

17. Jung-Tai Lin: Air Force officer’s son, engineering consultant

18. Lensey Namioka: Linguist’s daughter, children’s book author

19. Kenneth Pai: Motherless boy, urban planner, Port of Seattle trade executive

20. Julie Pai: Timid girl, assertive economist and budget analyst

21. Yih-Ho Michael Pao: Develops & commercializes new technologies

22. Jack Peng: Son of a United Nations official, civil rights activist

23. Tzy C. Peng: Son of a strict father, self-taught Confucian

24. Dennis Su: Waiter, architectural engineer, school builder

25. Millie Su: Flight attendant, realtor, pageant organizer, Chamber of Commerce president

26. Harold Tai: Violinist’s son, engineer, dental office equipment entrepreneur

27. Joan Tai: Pharmacology student, computer expert, mental health activist

28. C.C. Tien: Long-time Boeing engineer, Chinese American Forum editor

29. Betty Tonglao: Daughter of a man wrongly imprisoned, piano student, librarian

30. Peter Tonglao: Diplomat’s son, Hawaii student, Boeing engineer

31. Timothy Wang: Resort child, A/P mechanic, Stanford-educated airplane designer

32. Shiao-Yen Wu: From low-wage worker to real estate entrepreneur

33. Chao-Chen Yang: Photographer, pioneer dialysis patient, and Jean Yang: War orphan teacher, community mentor

34. Margaret Chin-Yung Yang: Systems analyst, caregiver, poet

35. Paul J.C. Yang: Urban planner, China trader