What others say about Voices of the Second Wave

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"We should applaud the publication of Voices of the Second Wave because it begins to give us an understanding and an acknowledgement of Mandarin-speaking Chinese Americans. For this, the book deserves a lot of credit because the ever-increasing Mandarin-speaking immigrant population has become a substantial proportion of the Chinese in the Seattle area and the United States. Without question, more needs to be told of their experience and growing role in Chinese America" -- Doug Chin, unofficial historian of Seattle's International District, in a review published in International Examinerposted July 20, 2011.

UW Today, published by University of Washington Office of News and Information, ran an article by Peter Kelley on February 6, 2012, about the donation of audio recordings and transcripts of the Second Wave interviews to UW Libraries.  

An excellent feature article also appeared in "The Scene," a magazine published by The Bellevue Reporter, under the headline: "Eastside author captures untold generation of Chinese immigrants." It was written by Gabrielle Nomura for the issue distributed on July 29, 2011.

Emerald Times was first with a terrific article in Chinese about Dori Jones Yang and Voices of the Second Wave, by Ty Wong in the June 10, 2011 issue.

The following are quotations from prominent people about this book:

"This book reveals a generation of Chinese Americans that has long been overlooked by historians.  These stories of the lives of some of Seattle's leading citizens will fascinate and delight." -- Gary Locke, Former Governor of the State of Washington

"The life stories in this book illustrate dramatically the experiences of this generation, including war-time dangers during childhood, youthful struggles to get an education, fear for the safety of loved ones, and a lingering sense of loneliness derived from settling in a distant land where they would always feel like foreigners . . .  Anyone interested in the American immigrant experience will find this book of oral histories to be fascinating reading. I greatly appreciate the courage it took for these individuals to come forward and tell their stories." -- Phyllis M. Wise, Interim President, University of Washington

“This group of Chinese was lost between two historic wars, which tore apart families, destroyed identities, removed them from their birthplaces, and stripped them of homes, country and citizenship. Many became invisible, adapting and working hard at every opportunity but demanding little. They gave much to America in achieving their American Dreams and ensuring better lives for their children.” -- Conrad Lee, Deputy Mayor of Bellevue, Washington

"The oral histories in this book provide valuable primary-source material about the so-called 'lost generation' of Chinese Americans, those who came as students in the 1940s through 1960s.  This book fills a gap in our knowledge and will enrich the studies of academic researchers analyzing the experience of the Chinese diaspora."  -- Evelyn Hu-DeHart, Professor of History and Ethnic Studies and Director, Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, Brown University

"Academics and researchers will find this book of oral history an indispensable resource to study a long overlooked group of Chinese immigrants in America."  -- Peter Kwong, Professor of Asian American Studies, Hunter College

"Absent from any of these stories is any sense of victimization or finger-pointing; rather, each of these individuals' lives is characterized by perseverance and hard work, leaving the reader with a sense of awe at their graciousness." -- Shelton Woods, in a review in Pacific Northwest Quarterly, Winter 2011/2012