Online reviews for Son of Venice

 In June 2012, East West Insights published Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo, sequel to Daughter of Xanadu. Since then, many bloggers featured Son of Venice in the book launch blog tour and numerous reviews have appeared. For author interviews and guest posts, see:

Historical Novel Society's review.

July 27 - I Am a Reader Not a Writer, by Kathy Habel.

July 25 - ReadingWorld, by Susan Coventry.

July 24 - Manga Maniac Cafe, by Julie, on "Weren't the Mongols Bad Guys?"

July 23 - A Writer's Journey, by Teralyn Rose Pilgrim.

June 18 - The Mod Podge Bookshelf by Gabrielle Carolina on "The Character of Names."

June 19 - All-Consuming Media, Thoughts by Tiger Holland, Q&A with the author.

June 21 - SeattleWrote, featuring Seattle's authors and writers, by Norelle Done, Q&A with the author.

June 22 - YA Bliss by Sabrina Horande on "Why Read Historical Fiction Not set in Europe or America?"

June 22 - Rebecca's Book Blog by Rebecca Herman on "What Makes for a Great Love Story?"

July 12 - Girls of Summer by Gigi Amateau - about Daughter of Xanadu.

July 13 - Woman in the Rain, Reading and writing my way through life, by Pamela Sage Dodson.  (She compares me to Pearl Buck, one of my writing heroines!)

June 12, 2102: "Reading the Past: News, Views, and Reviews of Historical Fiction," by Sarah Johnson, a reference librarian and busy reviewer of historical fiction. She seeks out novels in less common settings.