Resources for Research

In English, the best sources about the Chinese Educational Mission are the following:

  • Lee, Yan Phou. When I Was a Boy in China. First published 1887 by D. Lothrop Company. Reprinted from the collections of the University of California Libraries.
  • LaFargue, Thomas E. China’s First Hundred: Educational Mission Students in the United States, 1872–1881. Pullman: Washington State University Press, 1987. First published 1942 by Washington State College Press.
  • Leibovitz, Liel, and Matthew Miller. Fortunate Sons: The 120 Chinese Boys Who Came to America, Went to School, and Revolutionized an Ancient Civilization. New York: W. W. Norton, 2012.
  • Rhoads, Edward J. M. Stepping Forth into the World: The Chinese Educational Mission to the United States, 1872–81. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2011.
  • Yung, Wing. My Life in China and America. Hong Kong: Earnshaw Books, 2007. First published 1909 by Henry Holt.
  •, a website set up by some descendants of the Chinese Educational Mission scholars.