The Twenty Questions

Here are the questions Dori asked each person:CupOfWisdomTitles


1. How would you define wisdom - and why?

2. What do you recall about a time when you learned to speak up and make sure your voice was heard?

3. What are your basic beliefs about happiness? Do you think happiness is a matter of circumstances, inborn traits, or choice?

4. During tough times, what sustains you and gives you energy and hope?

5. Can we truly forgive? If so, how?

6. What choices did you make at midlife to move in new directions? How do you make a meaningful life for yourself after retirement and/or empty nest?

7. What choices have you made about work, and how does that reflect your core values? What advice would you give others about finding their calling during early adulthood and at midlife?

8. What have you learned about parenting teenagers? What advice could you give to somebody else who is going through a rough time?

9. What's the best way to manage relationships between parents and grown children?

10. What are some keys to a good, lasting marriage?

 11. When you're feeling estranged or angry with someone, what have you learned about healing relationships? How do you deal with people you perceive to be difficult?

12. Over the years, what have you learned about how to deal with or express your anger?

13. When you're feeling negative - whether depressed, anxious, judgmental, or self-pitying - how do you get yourself out of it?

14. How do you bounce back from setbacks or failures?

15. What have you learned about the best frame of mind for facing aging and health declines?

 16. How were you able to move on after a deep loss in your life - and what have you learned about ways to cope with personal loss?

17. What do you wish you had done differently, particularly in your forties and fifties? What regrets do you have?

18. How has faith informed or guided important moments and decisions? How has your understanding of faith changed over the years?

19. What do you do to try to "make a difference"? Do you do volunteer work or give back to the community? If so, what is the importance of that to your life?

20. When are you most at peace? What keeps you moving forward into hope? Where do you look for inspiration?

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