As a journalist, Dori Jones Yang's work has appeared inmagazines

Huffington Post
Business Week
U.S. News & World Report

Washington CEO
Columns: The University of Washington Magazine

The Daily Princetonian
Youngstown Vindicator
China Business Review
The National Observer


Huffington Post, November 2010 - present

"Gift Books for Thoughtful Women," Dec. 15, 2014

"10 Steps to a Better College Essay - for the Procrastinator," Dec. 10, 2014

"Why China Is Restraining Journalists," March 7, 2011

"Can American Parents Learn from Chinese Parents?" Jan. 10, 2011

"New Year's Resolution: Study Chinese," Dec. 29, 2010

"Parents: Encourage Your Kids," Nov. 15, 2010


Business Week, January 1981 – July 1995

Hong Kong bureau chief and Seattle bureau chief.
More than 200 articles, including these cover stories:

"The Future of Hong Kong: Can Michael Sandberg’s Hongkong & Shanghai Bank live with ‘Red Capitalism’?" March 5, 1984
"Capitalism in China: Under Deng Xiaoping, It’s OK to Get Rich." Jan 14, 1985.
"Deng’s Dilemma: Ideology vs. Prosperity in China." Sept. 14, 1987
"Communism in Turmoil: Special Reports on China and the Soviet Union," June 5, 1989
"China: The Great Leap Backward." June 19, 1989
"The Other China: As the mainland lurches backward, Taiwan looks better and better." Nov. 6, 1989
"High-Tech Heaven: Why America’s Pacific Northwest Is So Attractive to Technology Companies." May 25, 1992


U.S. News & World Report, October 1999 – June 2000

Senior Editor, West Coast business and technology
Numerous articles, including:

"Rearranging Microsoft: The end of the software giant as we know it?" Cover story, Nov. 15, 1999, pg 47.
"Hell, no. We won’t trade. How an obscure trade organization became a lightning rod for protest." Nov. 1, 1999, pg 54.
"Trade’s battle hits Seattle. In the quiet boardrooms, an admission that the noisy protesters have a point." Dec. 13, 1999, pg 20.
"Craving your next Web fix: Internet addiction is no laughing matter." Jan. 17, 2000.
"A boob tube with brains: High-tech heavies battle to bring smart TV to your living room." March 13, 2000, pg 42.
"The Internet’s second coming: Web-enabled phones hit the U.S. market." June 12, 2000, pg 42.
"Leaving Moore’s Law in the dust: Three technologies break the speed barrier." July 10, 2000, pg 37.
"Why Gates is smiling: Forget the breakup – Microsoft has new worlds to conquer." March 5, 2001, pg 38.
"Boeing, Boeing gone: Its HQ move signals more shocks for Seattle." April 2, 2001, pg 39.


Washington CEO, 2006-7

"The Good Fight. Microsoft has suffered in recent years from increased competition and a weak stock price.  The company is drawing from its huge treasury to fight back. In doing so, it’s giving a big boost to Washington’s economy." October 2006, pg 32.
"Boeing Strikes Back. By focusing on efficient aircraft that can fly long distances without stopovers, Boeing overtakes Airbus."  Cover story, December 2006, pg 24.
"Coffee Diplomacy. Starbucks made ambitious goals when it entered the international market. But the market turned out to be even larger than it anticipated." Cover story, May 2007, pg 20.


Columns magazine, 2007

"Following the Money: It's a maze of statistics, multipliers and matrices, but one intrepid reporter strives to make sense of the UW's economic impact on our region." December 2007, pg 28.
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The Daily Princetonian

Numerous articles, October 1972 – December 1974, under byline Dori Jones
Executive editor, January – December 1975


Youngstown Vindicator

Summer intern, 1972 and 1973
Numerous feature articles under byline Dori Jones.


China Business Review

Numerous articles, 1979 – 1980, under byline Dori Jones.


The National Observer

Summer intern, 1974 and 1975
Numerous feature articles under byline Dori Jones.