Video book trailer

  Here's a fun one-minute video book trailer created, filmed, and produced by David Graham.  Voiceover and original music by Martie Graham.  Enjoy!


Book trailers and author interviews

Independent filmmaker David Graham created and produced a one-minute book trailer video about The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball.  It is designed to appeal to kids. To enjoy it, follow this link to find it on youtube. 


You can also hear Dori Jones Yang talk about her 2017 book, The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball.  Please note: when this video was created, the book went by a previous title, China Boys. It is published by SparkPress, a sister imprint to She Writes Press. The author is delighted that SparkPress picked a much better title, The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball!  To watch the video, follow this link to find it on youtube.


This book trailer for Daughter of Xanadu was designed by Dori's daughter, Emily Yang.

 And here  a 2011 author video called Dori Jones Yang discusses her novel Daughter of Xanadu.