The Way Home Looks Now

By Wendy Wan-Long Shang, selected for CCBC Choices, Amelia Bloomer project, and BookPage Best of the Year, Grades 4-6.

The Way Home Looks Now cover.jpg

Chinese fathers seldom get a positive portrayal in American books. They tend to be stiff, distant, strict, and overly focused on grades. In this delightful book, a Chinese American father turns out, in the end, to be loving and wise. One of many surprises that make this a compelling and lovely story!

Boys and girls who love baseball will love this book, as will many others. At its heart is Peter Lee, who shares his passion for the game with his whole family—until a tragedy strikes and his mother is paralyzed by grief. At first, Peter can’t get back to baseball, but then he gets the idea that he can win back his mother’s attention by playing again. He never imagines his coach will be his stiff, by-the-book father.

The characters are charming and unique, and just when you think you know how the story will end, it takes an unexpected twist. Clearly, Wendy Shang is a master story teller!

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