by Brenda Peterson. A gripping tale of life in an imagined undersea world.  

Whoa! This book is a winner, sure to catch on and captivate and ensnare readers of all ages, especially young people. Brenda Peterson has created a richly imagined underwater world called “Aquantis,” complete with mer-people who can shift between one tail and two legs, mind-talking communication with dolphins and sea turtles, a Hogwarts-like training school, and even a dark underside of exploited workers in the sea gardens.

Part of the story is set in the year 2030, and the author gives us a vivid portrayal of what global warming might do to the low-lying lands of south Florida, swept by frequent hurricanes, covered with mud, and its residents, doomed to a life offshore on Eco-Arks.

But what kept me turning pages were the adventures of the main characters: sixteen-year-old Marina, assigned to explore the “SkyeWorld” as a spy-ambassador, and Lukas, a sexy young human drawn into the underwater world while trying to save turtles from an oil spill. Can’t wait for the sequel!

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