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Online reviews of Daughter of Xanadu

Heather of Michigan, prolific reader and blog reviewer, has become the first person to review Daughter of Xanadu. Here is the link to Heather's review. ("This book was fantastic.")

And the second-ever: Rebecca Herman's review.  ("a fascinating historical novel.")

And a third from Lydia on goodreads. ("flipping pages with excitement")

ARC cover

How did these readers get a chance to review Daughter of Xanadu before publication? It started with Holly.  She has a book-review blog called Good Golly Miss Holly Books, and she wrote to me and asked if she could start an ARC tour.  I admit, I had to learn what an ARC tour was.

ARC stands for Advance Reader's Copy; the publisher prints up a limited number of ARCs for each book, before publication, to send out to reviewers.  As the author, I was given only three ARCs of Daughter of Xanadu, and one I had to read and mark up as the final step in the editing process. Several online reviewers contacted me as soon as Random House put up the book description on its website; I was amazed and impressed at how eager and pro-active they were, but I was reluctant to let go of one of my three precious copies.

When Holly contacted me, though, she promised that, if I sent out one ARC, TEN online reviewers would read and review it.  The ARC would travel around the country, around the world, to eager online reviewers. So I sent one of my three copies off on an around-the-world ARC tour, with my hands shaking in the hope that the reviews would be positive!  So far, so good.

If you write online reviews and want to get on an ARC tour, let me know!

- October 5, 2010 -