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Mulan and Emmajin, alike but different

First, Emmajin wants to openly join the army as a woman, while Mulan disguised herself as a man. Second, Mulan was Chinese, fighting against the ‘barbarians’ from the North; Emmajin is a Mongol, one of those northern ‘barbarians’ that the Chinese fought to keep out. (Mongols and Huns were different, but both were nomadic horsemen that attacked Chinese cities from the North.)

Third, Emmajin doesn't have a cute little dragon buddy. However, there are dragons in Daughter of Xanadu. Real ones!

Finally, Emmajin’s story turns in some surprising directions, very different from the way the Disney movie ends. So if you think the ending is obvious – think again!  Hope you’re curious to find out how Daughter of Xanadu ends.

- October 7, 2010 -