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Announcing the publication of Son of Venice

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The first online reference appeared on June 12 on "Reading the Past: News, Views, and Reviews of Historical Fiction," by Sarah Johnson, a reference librarian and busy reviewer of historical fiction. She seeks out novels in less common settings.

Background about this sequel: In June 2001, I took a big risk and quit my job with a national magazine to write a book about Marco Polo, which expanded into a two-book series. Trained in journalism, I had to learn fiction from scratch. The project took far longer than I imagined, went through several versions, and faced many setbacks. I needed persistence and dogged determination to power through, finish it, and get it published.

Daughter of Xanadu was published by Random House in January 2011. The sequel, Son of Venice picks up the story of Emmajin and Marco Polo as they begin their journey West. Emmajin has a mission to deliver a letter from her grandfather, Khubilai Khan, to the leader of the West, promising peace. But when Marco sees that she is traveling with six thousand Mongol soldiers, he begins to doubt the Khan's intentions. Emmajin's relatives try to keep them apart, and a shaman warns of traitors and danger. This journey will force them both to face challenges they never imagined.

Hope you will enjoy reading Son of Venice! Let me know what you think of the ending. Did it surprise you?