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Speech at Library of Congress

It was a big honor for me to speak at the Library of Congress on September 13, 2012.

At the invitation of Reme Grefalda, curator of the Asian American Pacific Islander collection at the Library of Congress, I spoke about my book Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle.  I focused on "why" and "how" I undertook this oral history project and told about stumbling blocks along the way. I also read quotes from three of the interviewees, expressing the conflicts they felt about their identities as Chinese Americans. The audience asked some great questions.

Two of the Chinese Americans whose life stories are in the book attended the talk: Dr. Agnes Lee and Dr. Shiang-Yu Lee, both of whom flew out from Seattle for the event. The Library of Congress has requested the original audio recordings and full-length transcripts as primary source materials for researchers interested in the "second wave" generation of Chinese immigrants to the U.S.

Also, I was interviewed recently on a new website called, answering questions about my life and writing. Here is the link.