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Celebrating the Chinese version of Voices of the Second Wave

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On January 27, Seattle's Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office held a celebration for the publication of the Chinese version of Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle. TECO Director General Andy Chin introduced us to National Chengchi University Press, which published the book. This picture shows Andy Chin presenting a letter of congratulation from NCCU to Maria Koh, who had the original vision for this book. Dori Jones Yang conducted the original interviews in English, compiled the book, and coordinated the Chinese translation.

Our celebration and press conference attracted more than 50 people from the greater Seattle area and even Portland, Oregon. Many Chinese Americans are now interested in oral history projects, and this book paved the way, in both English and Chinese. 

The Chinese version contains 28 of the original 35 life stories of Chinese Americans in the Seattle area who immigrated to the U.S. in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. They are called the "second wave" because they differ from the "first wave" of Cantonese-speaking immigrants who came to the West Coast as laborers. The "second wave" immigrants are mostly Mandarin speakers from all parts of China, and they came to study at universities and stayed to take professional jobs.  The Chinese version also includes a Preface by Chen Shyh-Kwei, Minister of the Overseas Community Affairs Council, a very high level government official in Taiwan. 

The Chinese version is available for sale only in Taiwan, but if you are in the U.S. and would like to purchase a copy from Dori Jones Yang, please contact her directly. 

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Chinese version of "Voices of the Second Wave"

Announcing: Chinese translation of "Voices of the Second Wave: Chinese Americans in Seattle," published by National Cheng Chi University in Taiwan. Calligraphy by Paul Yang.   This beautiful cover is very different from the English version.

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Dori speaks at Independent Book Publishers panel

"Beyond the Click: There's More to Publishing than Uploading a File" was the topic of a panel of experts including Dori Jones Yang at the Independent Book Publishers Association conference in Chicago on Friday, April 26, 2013. Here is a link to the full audio recording of the panel discussion.

She spoke as an author who has published three books through traditional publishers and also self-published four books through her own imprint, East West Insights.

 IBPA's "Publishing University" attracted publishing professionals from all over the United States with information-packed seminars developed and led by industry leaders. This year's opening keynote speaker was Guy Kawasaki, whose latest book, APE: Author-Publisher-Entrepreneur, is a hands-on how-to about self-publishing. The conference theme was "Discoverability: How to Reach Your Reader and Sell More Books." 

Introducing "Warm Cup of Wisdom"

CupOfWisdomCoverSmallEast West Insights announces the publication of WARM CUP OF WISDOM: Inspirational Insights on Relationships and Life.

Author Dori Jones Yang sits down with nine women she admires as wise and asks personal questions about how to navigate the second half of life.

With humility, honesty, and humor, these nine women open their lives to her with warm advice and touching stories. You'll find here a remarkable variety of insights about how to improve relationships, cope with tough emotions, navigate rocky transitions at midlife, and achieve a sense of calm and contentment.

This book provides a roadmap and a challenge for you to embark on your own "wisdom project." You will find wisdom all around you, if you dare to ask.

Cocoons of Silk


Just published: Cocoons of Silk: A True Romance from 1930s China

Any reader with a romantic heart and curiosity about life in China during the early 20th century will find this true story fascinating. A Chinese man recalls the tangled love story that wrapped him in cocoons of silk in his youth and caused him to make what we'd call today unwise decisions. A gifted young teacher with a flair for writing music and street dramas during a turbulent time in Chinese history, he rebels against the old-fashioned custom of arranged marriages. But in that era, love matches were scandalous, and those who sent love letters left themselves open to blackmail.

How will he disentangle himself? And how will it change his life forever?  The book is now available here. Check out the reviews on

Dori Jones Yang and her husband, Paul, translated this memoir from Chinese into English and arranged for publication. We think you'll enjoy it!

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