Published at last!

I'm thrilled to announce the publication of my new book -   CupOfWisdomCoverSmall.jpg

Warm Cup of Wisdom: Inspirational Insights on Relationships and Life.  I took a big risk on this book, writing about a topic I've never approached before. I think it could have a very big readership, especially among women 40 and up. 

After a certain age, I believe, many of us want to actively seek to be wiser people. But how? After consulting with several women friends about my age, I came up with a list of twenty questions, including healing difficult relationships, getting through tough times, pursuing happiness, emerging from dark places, rethinking aging, making a difference, and seeking peace and hope.

Then I sat down with nine wise women and asked them each these twenty questions. They inspired me with their openness and their helpful ideas about everyday issues. All were at least 72, and they've lived through a lot - and become wiser along the way. This book includes excerpts of what they said, in their own voices. I was surprised at the diversity of their personalities and responses.

I came out of this two-year project convinced that we could all become wiser - if we care to ask questions and listen to those around us we consider wise. Hope you'll find it inspiring, too!          -- July 5, 2014