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Wise Women meet to celebrate

"Imagine you're having a lively lunch with nine of the wisest people you know."Wise Women at table

That's how my new book, Warm Cup of Wisdom, begins. But it's also what I did recently - or nearly so. I had a cool glass of iced tea and some tea sandwiches with seven of the wisest people I know, wise women I interviewed for this book.

Yes, after two years of interviews, transcription, polishing, organizing, and proofing, Warm Cup of Wisdom is finally ready to enter the world.

On a warm, sunny afternoon, we gathered on one woman's back patio and talked and laughed and celebrated the upcoming publication. I unveiled the "proof" copy - the first evidence any of us had seen that this book is for real. An exciting moment.

By coincidence, we also celebrated my entry into elderdom: my 60th birthday. One woman recited a poem she had written for me. Another recited a poem she knew from memory - altered to include my name. Others gave me cogent advice and inspirational insights on my midlife transition. Now that I've finished this wisdom project, I hope to get wiser as I age! We took a photo that captures the joyful spirit of the afternoon.

It was a warm, lovely occasion. A great shout of joy for the upcoming arrival of our new "baby."

What wise women - or men - would you like to cultivate in your life?

                - May 16, 2014